We created warm and engaging films that our target audience would want to watch and react to.


Post Office offers a reliable, good value broadband service that’s perfect for most people’s everyday needs – sending email, streaming music or uploading photos.

But faced with the huge advertising budgets of their competitors, it’s hard for Post Office to make an impact. So when people were talking on social media about broadband, they weren’t talking about Post Office.

Our social media campaign sought to change that by creating warm and engaging films that our target audience would want to watch and react to, spreading the message about Post Office broadband in a cost-effective way.

“Children talking about old things…” is an established and popular format on social media. So we gave local schoolchildren retro technology that was used before broadband – a dial phone, ghetto blaster, slide viewer and typewriter – and filmed their reactions. The results were funny – and very sharable.

We shot four films in one afternoon with our own crew, edited them in-house and posted them within days. The initial reaction was so strong that the organic sharing was supplemented with a modest paid media spend, leading to more than 2.5 million Facebook impressions in an initial two month period.

Karen Gill from the Post Office social team said: “The campaign played a significant role in raising the profile of both social media and the telco product offer internally. It generated a buzz among internal stakeholders and forged an appetite to do more similar campaigns”.

Check out one of our films – and watch out for the rest on social media.