Entertain me!

With instant entertainment everywhere, do we even need the cinema? What innovations can make it unmissable?

Cinema Last time Coffee – our monthly insight forum – looked at the world of ‘play’ we focused on advances in gaming. This time, our subject’s the cinema.

With so many other forms of instant entertainment vying for our eyeballs, is the cinema still relevant? And, if so, what do consumers want from the experience?

We’ll explore how movie-going’s changed and what might be next. Plus, we’ll showcase Linney’s own research – including machine learning and biometric tests to see how people react to movie trailers and posters.

And although it’s called Coffee, there may even be some cinema-themed snacks too.

Join us at 10am on Thursday 20 October in Colani at Linney Design. Get in touch if you’d like to come along.

Coffee sessions are held on site every month. We examine how we eat, play, shop and live today – or could do tomorrow.

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