Coffee revisited

Looking back on a year of insight forums, the trends and technology we've explored, and what's next for our Coffee sessions in 2017.

CoffeeRoastInsight is a big part of what we do at Linney. Our consumer insights and strategic foresights help inform what we do, cut subjectivity and make marketing work.

Our Insight team combines traditional market research with academic thinking and technological innovation to offer new and informed perspectives that challenge, inspire and improve.

Our last Coffee forum of 2016 gave a flavour of the year’s insight sessions and trends, with three of the team looking back on their highlights from the year, plus predications and aspirations for 2017.

You can hear from the team below.

They’ll be sharing their findings every month in more Coffee sessions, exploring how we eat, play, shop and live today – or could do tomorrow. Contact us if you’d like to attend.

Coffee Roast – Review of 2016 from Linney on Vimeo.

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