Coffee: Come to me

This month, our Coffee forum looks at how online delivery’s changing. Constantly.

PrimeAir Today’s expectation economy means we want things here, now, with minimum effort.  Just imagine what we’ll want tomorrow.

In our next Coffee session, happening at Linney Design, 10am on 15 September, we’ll look at innovations already here and in the works.

Like Amazon’s one-hour delivery, available to Prime customers on selected products.  Amazon Flash, which sends us repeat items with a single tap.  And the drone delivery it’s busy road (air) testing too.

Tesco’s just introduced a repeat order feature that sends your grocery shopping each week without intervention.  And Pizza Mogul customers can get in on the action, too – designing their own pizzas for delivery, and taking a slice of the profits if other buyers take a bite.

Join us for more interesting insights, with coffee on the side.  Everyone’s welcome, so get in touch if you’d like to come along.

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