We created warm and engaging films that our target audience would want to watch and react to.


Post Office offers a reliable, good value broadband service that’s perfect for most people’s everyday needs – sending email, streaming music or uploading photos.

But faced with the huge advertising budgets of their competitors, it’s hard for Post Office to …

We devised and shot a social film that brought an unusual nativity scene into a Post Office branch.


This year, we’ve been helping the Post Office spread the message about sending letters and parcels with them this Christmas. Even with increasing competition, the Post Office is still the UK’s number one provider of Mails services by far including …

Innovative cardboard event stand enables bespoke design and reduces build time and costs by up to 50%.


Our exhibition stand design for Sherwin Williams used innovative cardboard engineering to reduce build time and costs by up to 50%.

The company makes some of the best known products in the building trade, including Ronseal, Geocel and Thompson’s. So …

Brands are reinventing themselves in order to remain relevant.

LongLiveBrandSeptember’s Creative Forum takes a step into the world of brand. We’ll look at how big brands are being outmanoeuvred by agile start-ups, what makes a brand desirable and explore the ways brands are reinventing themselves in order to remain …

CQTd10rVEAA0M68Award-winning filmmaker Rafael Kapelinski is our guest at the Garage on September 22 at 3pm .

He’ll share his take on the development process of Edmond, the winner of this year’s BAFTA for British short animation. In the stop- motion …

CAA-licensed drone pilots from the Linney film team present our Garage forum on why aerial filming's not a specialised service, but rather a key part of our offer.

DronegroucropIt wasn’t that long ago when filming an aerial shot meant hiring a helicopter crew.  The results could be impressive – but always expensive.

Today, lightweight drone technology means it’s possible to carry a camera into the air for a …

Discover new developments in screens and technology.


With two CAA-licensed drone pilots in our film team, we’re making sure aerial filming isn’t a specialised service, but a fundamental part of what we offer. In our latest Garage session, discover how our camera technology’s progressed from onboard GoPro …

Real Argos employees appear virtually in 3D store environments


We’ve been creating virtual 3D environments to help our clients visualise their stores for some time. And now we’re making them even more useful by populating them with staff.

Traditionally, each Argos store would receive display instructions on how to …

Our monthly insight forum examined the growing importance of wellbeing in all the ways we live.


From mealtimes to pastimes, the drive to be well and stay well is manifesting itself in diverse ways across all categories and age groups.

‘Future proof’ – the latest of our monthly Coffee insight forums – took a closer look …

Interested in market intelligence and analysis?

We’ve got you covered. At Linney we have a dedicated Insight team, who share their findings on Overview. Our Insight team identify and comment on new trends across the broad range of markets in which we work.

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The new look and feel brings the vibrant Argos branding inside and outside the centres



Argos prides itself on being a contemporary retailer that offers its customers the same experience across in-branch and digital channels. As part of its ongoing rebranding, it uses the same dynamic brand expressions across its stores, website, vehicles and …

Our ability to react at speed and cover a range of roles in house help make sure they’re always engaging and cost-effective.

IMG_1647Two major conferences on two different continents within two intense weeks showed how we face the challenge of delivering complex international events.

First, a Linney project team and film crew were responsible for every element of the Mars European Petcare …