ADVENT-ures in Advertising

Just what is that makes us so ad-obsessed at Christmas?


Whether we like it or not, advertising is part of our daily lives – and never more so than at Christmas.

At Linney, we usually get together at the end of the year to review trends, discuss hot topics and see the year out with a festive take on the creative industry.

This time, we hosted ‘ADVENT-ures in Advertising’, a light-hearted celebration of the ‘art of persuasion’, which asked us to reconsider some of the popular assumptions made about advertising.

The presentation included several commercials, including a selection of classic (and some not so classic) Christmas ads, asking questions like ‘just what is that makes us so ad-obsessed at Christmas?’ and ‘why do some brands get it it so right and some so wrong?’

The session also raised some more serious points about the role of advertising in society and the need for good old-fashioned storytelling in an increasingly fragmented and self-curated media landscape. And, in the true spirit of Christmas party games, the audience got involved with some quick fire advertising quiz questions.

ADVENT-tures in Advertising from Linney Group on Vimeo.